The web archive preserves influential websites from years past. Here you'll find long-gone Airwolf tributes, and earlier versions of current websites, that helped carry the fan torch for a moment in time.
After permission is obtained from the webmaster, every effort is made to preserve each site as closely to its original version as possible. Consequently, to maintain the original content and layout, some broken links have been neutralized, but not removed; and missing images have been reproduced.
Authored by Martin Grant, Airwolf: The Ultimate Episode Guide was one of the web's first comprehensive resources to the series itself. Grant gathered information, captured stills and digitized audio to present a complete profile of each episode and highlight some defining moments.
Due to bandwidth limitations by the original host,, many of the larger files were spread across several accounts. Here you'll find them consolidated, including Adam Lettow's airwolf74205 and Audio Pages, although sadly some files were lost when another of the supporting accounts was closed.
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Continually updated from 2002 - 2003; Hosted until 2009
Authored by long-time fan Simon Pattison, this version of showcases the title webmaster's Airwolf-related college project. The highly detailed concept sketches and 3D renderings of characters, vehicles and locations afford a peek at this talented individual's then-fledgling career as a game designer and animator. The early work showcased here led to even greater works, including a full interactive walkthrough of Hawke's cabin.
An updated, more professionally-styled version of the site is still hosted live, reflecting Simon's transition from honors student to professional auteur.
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Continually updated since 2004. See the latest version.
Authored by Susan Rossi and hosted by the mysterious Firm operative Archangel, The Wolf's Lair presented a series of exclusive fan fiction stories online. Several of these notable, contributed tales were published over time in a series of chapters. Contributions included the nine-part Seraph; four-part Reunions; and Fall From Grace, a story told in five parts. Now you can enjoy them, too.
The site appeared on until its closure, whereupon it was trasferred to this archive. However, you can still sign the guestbook!
Please also note that the homepage plays music.
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Continually updated from 2002 - 2004; Hosted until 2009
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