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0-31 / 2-19: ''Dambreakers'' - (Pre-Production Title: ''Paradise Valley'')

Original United States (CBS) Airdate: 16th March 1985

UK ITV 1995-2000 Syndication Re-Run Airdate: 27th April 1996

Bravo Premiere Run Airdate: 12th June 2001

Episode Production Code Number: 58832

A television news reporter is being punished for revealing a private story without authorization from her boss. Her punishment is to interview a group of spiritual and very religious people who live in an isolated village in a remote forestry area near the Tiewater Dam, which was destroyed 2 years ago by disturbed terrorists, but it's now back to it's original intact state, and Hawke is hired to fly her there. The night when Hawke is due to fly back to Van Nuys Airport, his helicopter's battery is detached and both he and the reporter are taken prisoner by the group's two leaders who plan to repeat what they did 2 years ago on the local dam, in demand for the release of their comrades, who are currently being held in a U.S. prison.

Both of them manage to escape and find the deserted hut where the rest of the locals are being held prisoner, and select a young girl, to ride on a horse and telephone Santini back at Van Nuys and warn him about Hawke, and the dam. Worried about their friend's life and security, Santini and Caitlin race to the area in Airwolf where they find Hawke and the reporter freeing the prisoners, and pick him up in the event of guarding the dam from the leader's armed-to-the-teeth World War II fighter plane armed with a high-explosive torpedo which will totally penetrate the dam, that's if they stand a fighting chance with The Lady.

Johann Rector: "I control this valley, Mr. Hawke. This land, these people, there mine."
Hawke: "You'll never get outta this country alive."


Jan-Michael Vincent - Stringfellow Hawke

Ernest Borgnine - Dominic Santini

Jean Bruce Scott - Caitlin O'Shannessy


Marjoe Gortner - Johann Rector (Brother Jebediah)

Gregory Walcott - Brother Ahab

Devon Ericson - Hana

Heather McNair - Kelly Dayton


Cindi Eyman - Sara Longwood

Pat Delaney - Estelle Longwood


Joseph Taylor - Salazor


Director of Photography: Stan Lazan

Theme: Sylvester Levay

Music: Udi Harpaz

Art Director: Gary A. Lee

Film Editor: Bill Luciano

Unit Production Manager: Ron Martinez

1st Assistant Director: Warren D. Gray

2nd Assistant Directors: Richard W. Abramitis / Tom Archuleta

Casting By: Joe Reich, C.S.A.

Set Decorator: Fred Winston

Sound: John K. Kean

Colour By: Technicolor®

Titles & Optical Effects: Universal Title

Panaflex® Camera and Lenses By: Panavision®

Sound Editor: Barney Cabral

Music Editor: Gene L. Gillette

Costume Supervisors: Arlene Zamiara / John Casey

2nd Unit Director / Aerial Co-ordinator: David Jones

Stunt Co-ordinator: Ron Stein

Helicopters Supplied By: Jetcopters, Inc.


Associate Producers: Leon Ortiz-Gil / Edward Ledding / Carl Vitale

Co-Producer: Carol Gillson

Supervising Producer: T.S. Cook

Executive Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Executive Story Consultant: Chester Krumholz

Story Editors: Westbrook Claridge / Alfonse M. Ruggierio, JR.

Written By: Alfonse M. Ruggierio, JR. / Westbrook Claridge

Produced By: Lester Wm. Berke

Directed By: Virgil W. Vogel



  • This was the last episode to be filmed and produced and wrap up principal photography for the show's 22-episode 2nd Season, however ''Short Walk to Freedom'' was used as the ''finale'' episode by CBS to end the season. That episode was actually shot and completed before this episode.
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