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0-21 / 2-9: ''Flight #093 Is Missing''

(Pre-Production Title: ''Undertow'')

Original United States (CBS) Airdate: 17th November 1984

UK ITV 1995-2000 Syndication Re-Run Airdate: 12th October 1996

Bravo Premiere Run Airdate: 29th May 2001

Episode Production Code Number: 58816

Caitlin and several American passengers are at danger when a small group of terrorists hi-jack the 747 airliner that they are on-board on, and deliberately fly the plane into the ocean, where it's passengers will be held at ransom for $50 million dollars in exchange for their freedom. With Caitlin on-board, Hawke and Santini conduct an immediate & personnel in-depth search for the downed airliner and when finding it, they are not alone, as the terrorists are using a fully armed fishing boat with weaponry that can disable and possibly eliminate Airwolf, clean out of the sky, with a sinking terrain that will insure them a guaranteed a ''clean and burried'' death.


Jan-Michael Vincent - Stringfellow Hawke

Ernest Borgnine - Dominic Santini

Jean Bruce Scott - Caitlin O'Shannessy


John Calvin - Hergos

Philip Abbott - Johnson

Ina Balin - Ingrid Kendall


Alex Kubik - Joskins

Lynn Herring - Laurie

Summer Phoenix - Little Girl

William Kirby Cullen - 1st Soccer

Anne Wyndham - Stewardess

Richard Peabody - Mall Passenger

Lester C. Fletcher - Dress Designer


Kathleen O'Malley - Mrs. Smith

Angus Duncan - Marks

David McBride - ATC Representative


Director of Photography: Stan Lazan

Music: Sylvester Levay

Art Director: Gary A. Lee

Film Editor: Bill Luciano

Unit Production Manager: Thomas J. Blank

1st Assistant Director: Ryan Gordon

2nd Assistant Directors: Richard W. Abramitis / James Lansbury

Casting By: Joe Reich, C.S.A.

Set Decorator: Greg Garrison

Sound: John K. Kean

Colour By: Techicolor®

Titles & Optical Effects: Universal Title

Panaflex® Camera and Lenses By: Panavision®

Sound Editor: Michael D. Wilhoit

Music Editor: Gene L. Gillette

Costume Supervisors: Barbara Lee Maccarone / John Casey

2nd Unit Director / Aerial Co-ordinator: David Jones

Stunt Co-ordinator: Ron Stein

Helicopters Supplied By: Jetcopters, Inc.


Associate Producers: Leon Ortiz-Gil / Michael Synder

Co-Producer: Carol Gillson

Supervising Producer: Calvin Clements, JR.

Executive Producer: Donald P. Bellisario

Executive Story Consultant: Chester Krumholz

Story Editors: Westbrook Claridge / Alfonse M. Ruggierio, JR.

Produced By: Lester Wm. Berke

Written By: Chester Krumholz / Calvin Clements, JR.

Directed By: Bernard L. Kowalski

Created By: Donald P. Bellisario



  • This episode was actually filmed and produced after ''Random Target'', which was broadcasted 2 weeks after this episode.
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