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Below are the 22 links to Airwolf's 2nd Season episodes which commenced with its' ''Premiere'' episode, Sweet Britches which initially was meant to be a which was broadcasted for the first time on 22nd September 1984 and finished on 13th April 1985 (one day exactly before the 1st Season finished) with the season's ''Finale'' episode, ''Short Walk to Freedom'', making the show's 2nd Season, it's first full season of 22 45-minute episodes.

Due to interference by the series' U.S. broadcaster, CBS, Don Bellisario had to slightly change his foresight and the content of the series, in order to get it higher ratings with the overall American population - In other words, softening the show into a more family-orientated series, but as usual, Don did it with excellence, without disappointing the series' fans. He managed to blend his original foresight of darkness, coldness and adult atmospheric plots, and the ''ordered'' elements by CBS. The production values, as always, were still at the highest, guaranteeing some remarkable displays of some of the best aerial photography of the series - A great example of this would be the VERY fast aerial sequence between Airwolf and a stolen souped-up rival chopper code-named ''HX-1'', which was the title for the episode which it participated in. The original cast returned to show of their top-notch acting skills, and were joined by an actress whom had already made her name in American households, Jean-Bruce Scott for starring in various food-based commercials and playing a recurring role as Lieutenant Commander Maggie Poole of the U.S.N. in Bellisario's other 1980's CBS hit, ''Magnum, P.I.''.

Some of the best television actors at the time, who had already appeared in ''The A-Team'' and ''Knight Rider'', including Anne Lockhart, Jared Martin, Marjoe Gortner, Devon Ericson, Heather McNair, Arte Johnson, John Ireland, James Whitmore, JR. and Jeff Mackay were hired, as were Airwolf veterans Deborah Pratt, David Hemmings and Lance LeGault.

Due to several arguements with CBS and Bellisario, after this season he left, along with his newly-wedded wife, Deborah Pratt, who played the beautiful assistant of Archangel's, Marella. The original crew teams returned to keep the show's main trademarks in the bank, as well as some clever new ones such as 2nd Unit Director & Aerial Co-Ordinator David Jones, Stunt Co-Ordinator Ron Stein, Producers Leon Ortiz-Gil, Carol Gillson and T.S. Cook, Directors Alan J. Levi, Sutton Roley, Virgil W. Vogel, Screenwriters Chester Krumholz, Westbrook Claridge and Alfonse M. Ruggeiro, JR., as well as Deborah Pratt, for the ''Fan-Favourite'' episode ''Fallen Angel'', and finally original Airwolf Theme & Music Composer Sylvester Levay returned, but for the most of the time, he was working on other offered productions, while brilliant composers Ian Freebairn-Smith and Israelian Udi Harpaz (who would also do the first quarter of the 3rd Season) were hired to fill in for the absent man.

Most of the storylines kept Airwolf from fighting in foreign countries, as she usually did in the 1st Season, so instead she fought for justice, freedom and liberty in the United States, but that didn't stop Bellisario and his ingenious group of screenwriters from coming up with some of the most original and darkest storylines ever to come across television history, as biological warfare was approached in a remarkable way in ''Condemned'' (also a ''Fan-Favourite''), terrorism in ''Inn at the End of the Road'', international politics and rural, war-torn conditions in ''Prisoner of Yesterday'', organisation moles and traitors in ''Severance Pay'', heart-breaking emotion and ultra corruption in ''Sins of the Past'' and ''Sweet Britches'' and pure 5-star action in ''Fallen Angel''. Of course, every series has it's own negative or hated episodes, but the 2nd Season only had a few, such as ''Natural Born'' and ''Out of the Sky''. The series was also now more technologised, being the first to introduce the new breakthrough of C.D. technology at the time, plus Airwolf's computerised technology inside her rear cockpit was given a whole new facelift, keeping up with the times.

So with Airwolf now a hit, and receiving high ratings and addicted fans, especially in major world-wide countries including the U.K. and Japan, the world still had a new type of both human and mechanical heroes & a new type of television-making, all of this fell under one simple name: AIRWOLF

On all pages, you will find brand new episode synopsis', original CBS (U.S.), ITV (UK) and Bravo (UK) broadcasting airdates, complete cast & crew lists, trivia findings, both already known and some very interesting unknown, noticable and hidden bloopers, and very sharp and high-quality screenshots.


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Jan-Michael Vincent - Stringfellow Hawke
Alex Cord - Michael ''Archangel'' Coldsmith Briggs III
Ernest Borgnine - Dominic Santini
Jean Bruce Scott - Caitlin O'Shannessy

Lester Wm. Berke

Calvin Clements, JR.
T.S. Cook

Leon Ortiz-Gil
Michael Synder
Carl Vitale
Edward Ledding

Carol Gillson

Chester Krumholz

Phil Combest
Westbrook Claridge
Alfonse M. Ruggierio, JR.

Donald P. Bellisario
Calvin Clements, JR.
T.S. Cook
Phil Combest
Chester Krumholz
Deborah M. Pratt
Steve Hayes
Alfonse M. Ruggierio, JR.
Douglas Steinberg
Dennis R. Foley
Michael Halperin
Gregory Harris
Charles Winston
Westbrook Claridge
Robert Blees
Dorothy Robinson

Westbrook Claridge
Paul Savage
Chester Krumholz
Kevin Hartigan
T.S Cook

Taehna Goodrich
Jake West
Westbrook Claridge
Herman Groves
Kevin Hartigan

Alan J. Levi
Ray Austin
Donald A. Baer
Sutton Roley
Gerald Mayer
Bernard L. Kowalski
Leslie H. Martinson
Virgil W. Vogel
Tom Blank
Bruce Seth Green
Georg Fenady
Sidney Hayers

Thomas J. Blank
Zane Radney
Edward D. Markley
Ron Martinez

Stan Lazan

Gary A. Lee

Greg Garrison
Fred Winston

Ryan Gordon
Charles Watson Sandford, JR.
C.C. Coleman
Warren D. Gray

Warren D. Gray
Jim / James Lansbury
Richard W. Abranitis
Dan Dugan
Tom Archuleta
Stephen Southard
Char Pece

Sylvester Levay

Ian Freebairn-Smith
Udi Harpaz

David Jones

Ron Stein

Donna Dockstrader, C.S.A.
Joe Reich, C.S.A.

Jean-Pierre Dorleae

Barbara Lee Maccarone
John Casey
Arlene Zamiara

Donald P. Bellisario

Donald P. Bellisario


0-13 / 2-01: Sweet Britches - SEASON PREMIERE

0-14 / 2-02: Firestorm

0-15 / 2-03: Moffet's Ghost (Pre-Production Title: ''Dark Legacy'')

0-16 / 2-04: The Truth About Holly (Pre-Production Title: ''Holly Go Deadly'')

0-17 / 2-05: The Hunted

0-18 / 2-06: Sins of the Past (Pre-Production Title: ''Death Do Us Part'')

0-19 / 2-07: Fallen Angel (Pre-Production Title: ''Angel of Mercy'')

0-20 / 2-08: HX-1 (Pre-Production Title: ''CX7'')

0-21 / 2-09: Flight #093 Is Missing (Pre-Production Title: ''Undertow'')

0-22 / 2-10: Once A Hero (Pre-Production Title: ''Hereos'')

0-23 / 2-11: Random Target (Pre-Production Title: ''Random Targets'')

0-24 / 2-12: Condemned

0-25 / 2-13: The American Dream (Pre-Production Title: ''An American Dream'')

0-26 / 2-14: Inn at the End of the Road (Pre-Production Title: ''Doc'')

0-27 / 2-15: Santini's Millions (Pre-Production Title: ''Where There's A Will'')

0-28 / 2-16: Prisoner of Yesterday (Pre-Production Title: ''Kidnapped'')

0-29 / 2-17: Natural Born (Pre-Production Title: ''The Natural'')

0-30 / 2-18: Out of the Sky (Pre-Production Title: ''Rock N' Roll Heaven'')

0-31 / 2-19: Dambreakers (Pre-Production Title: ''Paradise Valley'')

0-32 / 2-20: Severance Pay (Pre-Production Title: ''Mad Dog'')

0-33 / 2-21: Eruption

0-34 / 2-22: Short Walk to Freedom - SEASON FINALE (Pre-Production Title: ''The Long Walk Home'')


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